Edwinadolly - A life in Pink
Chapter 8


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Counting papaer at my bench (1988)

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I started work here in early March 1981,just after I got made redundant from Ernest Turners,an engineering company,I had enjoyed working as an engineertoo.If I could turn back the clock,I would never have stayed here,the work was hard,but working with some of the people there was even harder.It was a closed shop,not just the Sogat Union,but the actual workers were a closed shop too.You had to have had a relative there to get the job in the first place,they were never advertised locally.I actually got my job,because my step-dad joe had worked there for many years,but he didn't work in the department that I did.
At first when I went there,it didn't seem too bad,how wrong I was.I met a girl called Sue there,I used to be in the same class as her when we were in middle school,she already had a good friend there,a girl called Julie,who was a year older than us.I used to hang around with these two at tea breaks and dinner times for around the first year or so,but bsides Sues wedding,I didn't actually socialise with them after work.

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