Edwinadolly - A life in Pink
Chapter 10


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Finally,after 30 years of living on this earth and desperately wanting someone to love me,along came Chris,someone who loves me just for me.

I first met Chris in the summer of 1990,him and his friends had started coming into The Nags Head and having a couple of beers on a Friday night.Chris first approached me at the bar,I was sat in my usual spot,he came up and asked me if I used to go around with his ex-wife,a woman called Sharon,what a chat up line eh?hahaha,I replied no,I didn't know her,he was kind of trying to chat me up,I'm afraid that I told him to 'fuck off',he did.I was still hankering after Mathew and our on-off relationship,I'm not a one that can pretend I'm interested in someone if I'm wanting someone else.
Anyway,a few months later,I got talking to Steve one Saturday night,he was one of the blokes that came in the Nags with Chris.I had figured that Steve must be ok as I had seen some of my biker mates talking to him.We started chatting about Tattoos,as Steve was,and still is a Tattooist.Then the next Friday night,Steve came in with his mates,including Chris,so I got talking to Chris for a while,we'd talk on and off for a couple of months as I'd drift off and talk to other friends in the Nags,Steve kept saying to me "he fancies you",I'd laugh and retort "so what?".One time I was sat there and Chris said something mucking about to me,so I kicked him in the shin!hahaha.Another night I was sat there and he said something that I didn't quite catch,I asked him what he'd said?,he retorted that I'd kick him if he repeated it,I said  I'd kick him if he didn't!,so he said that he'd love to fuck me!,I was a bit surprised by what he's said,I laughed it off and told him that I'd take it as a compliment coming from him....
I was in the pub on the Friday night before my 30th birthday,which was on the Saturday,Chris and co were in there as usual and I aksed them if they were coming to the Nags on the Saturday?,no,they couldn't make it,but Chris asked if he could give me a birthday kiss?,I said yes,and let him kiss me.I then later found out that he had no money to come to the pub on the Saturday,I told him that I would have bought him a few pints,no problem,he was a single parent with two children.
So me and Chris were getting quite friendly with each other.He seemed a very kind and nice person and also a genuine one,he also liked to laugh about like me too,he's a lot quieter in his ways than I am,but he can come up with some very funny stuff,it's important to me to share a sense of humour with any lover I've ever had.He was 12 years older than me,but I don't think that age means anything if two people get on well does it?.
It got to New Years eve 1990,I got called on by the 'boy' Simon,it really irked me that this lad kept coming and knocking for me,I always felt like he was going to ask if I was coming out to play?hahaha.But I walked non chalantly down the road to the pub with him and we started on the shorts in between the beers,he as drinking Whiskey,I was drinking Southern Comfort,I didn't even feel like I was having a drink,I was bored I guess?.Then in came Chris,on his own,he looked as bored and miserable as I felt,so I started chatting to him and I kind of felt sorry for him,he had been having some kind of barney with his ex-wife,I think he was feeling as lonely as I was?.I put my very small hand over the top of his and sort of shook it and told him to cheer up.A little while later,Mandy came upto me and whipered in my ear "Do me a favour Eddie,go out and get fucked tonight" hahaha,she knew that I was a very sexually orientated woman and I hadn't been screwed for around three months,there is only so much self gratification that you can give yourself isn't there?.
So,that night,I went in the Pub with Simon,and left it with Chris,he had asked me if I wanted a lift home?,I trusted him and said yes,even thoughit was only just up the road.Chris drove me home and we sat in the car talking,it must have been around half 2 in the morning?,we started kissing and he told me he loved me,I told him that he didn't know me,so how could he love me?.Even though it was freezing cold and frosty outside,I soon got my leather off and pulled down the top of my Leopardskin catsuit and put Chris's hand onto my breast,he sort of gasped and said that he didn't believe this.Well,it wasn't the kind of did the earth move for you too darling?,and it's not really very comfortable doing it in the front seat of an old Ford Cortina,the best of it was,I had a nice warm double bed in my sisters house!,but I kind of forgot???hahaha.
New Years morning,I went into my sisters bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed,her and Simon were still laying in it of course "Guess what I done lat night?" I said gleefully,"got pissed" was the reply!hahaha,"nah,I got shagged" I laughed,"fuckin' hell!" was the greeting,obviously my sister and her husband knew that I'm a horny old bird?.I rabbited on and told them that my knickers were all muddy and wet from the floor of the car and we had a good old laugh about it,we resorted to calling Chris 'Batman',because of his Batman boxer shorts that he was wearing!.
Anyway,I had arranged to meet Chris the next evening,I was getting ready and he turned up an hour early!,he then said how he'd been sat down the road for an hour beforehand!hahaha.We went off down the Nags and was just talking and drinking and then Chris asked me when I was going to marry him?!,I said "tomorrow",I knew I had finally found a man that would treat me right aand one that I felt actually loved me for me?,I had never really felt loved in all of my life so far.Later Chris took me home,I dragged him upstairs to my bedroom and had my wicked way with him.The next afternoon,he was actually waiting outside the mill for me,it was totally unexpected,we hadn't arranged for him to meet me until later.He took me home to meet his kids that evening,Claire was coming up to 12 and Martin was coming up to 14,I seemed to get on very well with them.
On the Friday night we went to the Nags,Steve came in and asked Chris if he had gotten rid of his cobwebs?,Chris went all red with embarrassment and I just laughed.Later on,Chris asked me if we were girl and boyfriend or just friends?,I turned and told him that I didn't usually shag just friends!,he seemed happy with that,and that night,when he had taken me home and we had gone to bed,he told me that he loved me,I told him how could he love me?,he didn't even know me.This carried on for around a month,and then I moved in with Chris and his kids. We were arranging it for the week I got paid my monthly money in Febuary,but that seemed so far away?,we wanted to be together now,so I moved in at the end of January 1991.
The day I moved in with Chris must have been the most tiring day that I've ever had in my life?,me and him moved all of my stuff from my sisters ourselves,we had an Indian takeaway with the money that we would have had to pay out for a man and a van,I was so tired sat in the kitchen that evening,my eeyes wouldn't stay open and my face nearly fell into the curry! hahaha......
Where I had moved in with Chris,I decided it was about time that I took hold of other areas in my life,like my Diabetes.The work that I done down the mill really used to take it's toll out on me by making my bloodsugar very low,so I made an appointment at the local hospital.
I went to the clinic and saw the head Doctor there,she was really nice,she sent me for blood tests and made me an appointment at the Diabetic retinopathy clinic.The blood tests were okay,but I had bad news from the eye clinic.I had many tiny veins growing at the back of my eyes around the retinas and I had to go and have Lazer treatment on my eyes,if I didn't go and have the treatment done?,then the veins would start to leak and I would end up blind within two years....It was a very scary prospect.So,for what I wasn't to know at that time,for the next 14 months,I would be spending nearly an afternoon,every other week at the Diabetic retinophy clinic having my eyes lazered.Oh,how I hated that time,and how scared I was of what might happen to my eyes?.I got very,very depressed over it,and had even decided.that I was going to tell them,that I wasn't having anymore of it if it was going to go on for much longer.For the first time in my life,I was going to give in. But,as luck would have it,on the last appointment,which I didn't know was going to be the last.They told me that that was it,that there had been a time,when they were very concerned over my eyes.Mind you,this afternoon,they told me that they were going to do the final bit,and that it was right near the nerves next to the retina,so they would have to freeze it. went into the room and sat on the bed thing.then I saw this great long needle laid in the tray,it was one of those that they do bloodtests with,it was about 4 inches long."Is that for me?" I asked,yes,was the reply.i jumped off of the bed and said "You're not sticking that fucking thing into my eye!".So,I braved it out and had it done without the freezing,it didn't feel any worse than any of the other times actually?.when Mr ox told me that that was my last appointement,I told him that I loved him!. Meanwhile,I was still working down the paper mill,but the paper would look really strange to me,the dark green always looked like it had millions of tiny blue veins going through it?.One day,I had just mentally had enough,I was mentally exhausted and I just couldn't stop crying.I went into the foremans office and told him that I'd had enough,they even offered me part time work,but said no. I didn't hand my notice in or anything,I just went to meet chris at the gates,and then the next day to the Doctors.The Doctor put it down to depression and gave me time off work.That time ended up being 6 months in the end,but it was only after 3 months,that I admitted to the Doctor about how my eyes were affecting me.My doctor at that time,Doctor Paul,knew that I wasn't a skiver,so he just kept giving me sick note after sick note. After the 6 months,I got called into work.I had already decided,that if they didn't sack me,that I would hand my notice in,but I was lucky,if you can call it that?,they paid me off sick and gave me a weeks money for each of the 11 years that I had been there.I came out of there very elated and stuck two fingers upto the place as me and Chris drove off out of the yard.

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