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Jean Reno is probably best known for his roles in 'Leon' as the cleaner,'The Big Blue' as Enzo Molinari and his murderous role in 'Mission:Impossible',but I find that his roles in 'Ronin','French Kiss','Roseannas Grave' and 'Godzilla' are just as impressive,along with comedies such as 'Les Visiteurs'.

When the lights go down...

On this page I'll include an intinery of all of Jean Renos film, television, and stage appearances. I'll include pictures and comments on each film.

Rollerball (2000)
Les rivières pourpres (2000)
Le couloirs du temps (1998)
Godzilla (1998)
Ronin (1998)
Roseannas grave (1997)
Un amour de sorcière (1997)
Le Jaguar (1996)
Mission:Impossible (1996)
Les souers de soliel (1996)
Par-dela nuages (1995)
French kiss (1995)
Les truffes (1995)
Léon (1994)
Les visiteurs (1993)
Flight from Justice (1993)
La vis (1993)
L'operation corned beef (1991)
Loulou grafitti (1991)
Nikita (1990)
L'homme au masque d'or (1990)
Zone rouge (1990)
Le grand blue (1988)
I love you (1996)
Tender is the night (mini TV series) (1985)
Strictement personnel (1985)
Subway (1985)
Notre histoire (1984)
Signes extériers de richesse (1983)
Les bidasses grandes manoeuvres (1982)
La passante du sans-sourci (1982)
On n'est pas des anges...elles non plus (1981)
Voulez-vous un bébé nobel (1980)
Clair de femme (1979)
L'hypothèse du tableau volé (1978)
Prends bien garde aux Zeppelins (1977)
Ecce Homo (1978)
Celimare le bien aimé (1978)
Je rompts et ne plie pas (1979)
Un Societé (1979)
La manufacture (1981)
Terre étrangère (1983)
Andromaque (1987)
Montserrat (1991)


Godzilla:Well,I have never been a one for monster movies,not even when I was a kid,but the film Godzilla is excellent with Jean Reno in,he certainly makes this film worth watching,he brings a certain something into the film,probably sexiness and credibility more than anything?,but it's definately a must for me!.




Mission Impossible:I just love Jean in this film!,I can't stand Tom Cruise,but this film is definately made by the magnetic presence of Jean.I have to admit,when he's going to meet his untimely demise in the helicopter,I leave the room!hahaha,actually,I always leave the room in any of the films that Jean is just about to get killed in.


Jean Renos performance in 'Roseannas grave' is wonderful and sweet,this is the second film that I saw him in and I just loved it and him in it!.I think that he should have more roles like this,he played his part so well and it showed his true acting abilities,he is a talented man and I think that he is far more talented and handsome than any of the usual Hollywood actors,for me,they certainly have nothing on him.


Favorite Movie:Ronin...I just love this film!,it has action,adventure and is very life like and believable as a secret agent film.It is a grown ups version of James Bond,I wish that there would be a follow up to it.Jean Reno and Robert Di Niro were excellent together,my two favourite actors of all time.


In Ronin,a group of guys who are apparently ex secret service agents,from all over the world are brought together in a cafe in Paris.They will be paid a certaun amount of money to steal a case from a gang of other very hard looking men.The film then goes into a lot of car chasing,murdering and intrigue all over Paris,Nice and other parts of France.It seems that everyone wants the case and will do anything to get it?,one agent against another and no one ever knows what's in the case,just that the K.G.B,C.I.A and the likes of the I.R.A all want it.Jean Reno and Robert Di Nero become good friends in this and save each others lives at various times.It's nice to see an action film that is actually believable and where Jean Reno doesn't get killed!.Jean is very likable as 'Vincent' in this film,his true star quality really shines out.


Jean Reno....Man of mystery,man of that wonderful deep voice and man of so many sexual fantasies!!!......