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Les rivières pourpres
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Les rivières pourpres/The Crimson rivers (2000)

kThis is a somewhat very disturbing film,and quite a good and original thriller really, this is where science shows you the ugly side of it.
People are being murdered in a little Swiss village,and two cops are unexpectedly thrown together on the case. One is, Jean Reno, playing the cop, Pierre Niemans, who has come to Switzerland from Paris for this case. He is investigating the grisley murders. A man is first found hanging off of the side of a cliff in the fetal position, his eyes have been gouged out, and his hands have been cut off. The other cop is, Vincent Cassel (Dobermann), playing, Max Kerkerian, who is investingating the desecration of a mausoleum in the local cemetry. Pretty soon these two find out that they are investingating the very same case, and with some very horrific findings.
Cast and Director:
Jean Reno ... Pierre Niemans
Vincent Cassel ... Max Kerkerian
Nadia Fares ... Fanny Fereira
Mathieu Kassovitz
Alain Goldman and Catherine Morisse




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