Jean Reno by Edwinadolly
My poem to Jean


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Jeans Poem
*My personal poem to Jean......written 17 November 1999
Have you ever wanted someone so much,
to the Devil you would sell your soul?.
Have you ever yearned for someone so badly,
your life seems like a deep dark hole?.
In my heart,mind and spirit,forever you will be with me,
but deep down inside,phisically,I ache for you,in a place you will never be.
Have you ever felt that you knew someone,in another time,another place,another life maybe?.
You feel that you know this person and if we should ever meet,you would know that I was meant for you,and you were meant for me.
Have you everloved someone so much,that you pray everyday to see?,
to have and to hold,to lay beside,that your love holds the eternal key.
Have you ever been in torment,by wanting someone so
desperately,that you cannot obtain?,
that it wouldn't matter if your life ended,because at least you would be out of your pain.
Have you ever dared want someone,that you believe in fairytales and wildest dreams,
that you truly believe that fate and destiny will play it's part,you know exactly what I mean.
Have you ever laid there in the deepest,darkest hours of the night,thinking you are going mad?,
because you know that all your wishing,dreaing and hoping,just really makes you feel sad.
Have you ever thought to yourself,that if God offered you 100 years of life,settling for second best?,
or the Devil offered you one year with the one you really love?,I know I would pass the test.
Have you ever wondered if this unobtainable love and desire will ever end?,
this crazy,mad yearning,over someone that's not even your friend.Have you evr tied yourself in knots,over a love that can't be yours?,I've cried a million tears.
You hope and dream your life away,and take it out on the ones that have loved you for years.
Have you ever felt like a teenager,with an infatuation over someone that can never be yours?,
even though I am at an age where I shpold know better,I obviously don't of course!.
Have you ever lived your life,staying with someone you don't really love anymore,like I do?,
because the one you can't have,theone you really love,would never be interested in you.
Have you ever wished the pain would go away,loving someone who doesn't even know you exist?.
I can only hope that you would understand?,I'm sending you this with the whole of my heart,and with a loving kiss.

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