Jean Reno by Edwinadolly


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Filmography 4

Le grand bleu,Zone rouge,L'homme au masque d'or,Nikita

Nikita 1990
Nikita is a young drug addict girl who gets into trouble with the law after a bloody hold up in a Chemist/Pharmacists.She has been condemned to death,but instead of killing her and then interring her as they had said they done,or putting her into a mental institution,they offer her the opportunity to work as a secret agent for france instead.
It's not a bad film,but our Jean only gets around ten minutes max in this film.He's the bad guy Victor,and he gets rid of the dead bodies by dumping them into an acid bath.


Cast and Director
Anne Parillaud ... Nikita
Jean Hughues-Anglade ... Marco
Tcheky Karyo ... Bob
Jeanne Moreau ... Amande
Jean Reno ... Victor
Luc Besson
Eric Serra

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
L'homme au masque d'or (1990)
The man in the mask of Gold...In this movie Jean gets to play a 'Pardre' Victor Gaelano in a small village in Santo Domingo.His sister helps him out looking after underprivilaged children.There's not enough money to restore the village,so Jean takes it upon himself to go moonlighting as a Boxer.


Cast and Director
Marlee Matlin ... Maria
Jean Reno ... Padre
Marc Duret ... Pedro
Patrick Fontana ... Tonio
Xavier Masse ... DeLucas
Sylvain Salnave ... Mancini
Director: Eric Duret
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Zone rouge (1990)
Pierre Rousset is in a fever and calls for his wife Claire,with whom he is sepretaed from,to his bedside.When she arrives however,the village is deserted,it's like it's dead.Pierre is really very sick,so she stays to looks after him,and decides she will set out again the following day.But in the night,Claire is awakened by a noise of an engine and sees rain which seems more like gasoline.Everything is ablaze and so she flees. In the morning,the authorities announce that a stolen truck had an accident in the hamlet that caused an explosion,which destroyed everything.Claire knows that it is not true. But the investigation is definately a fake one.

Cast and Director
Sabine Azéma ... Claire Rousset
Richard Anconina ... Jeff Montelier
Hélène Surgère ... La mère de Claire
Jacques Nolot ... Pierre Rousset
Jean Bouise ... Antoine Sénéchal
Pierre Frejek ... Fabien Rousset
Dominique Reymond ... Nathalie Cheylard
Thierry Rode ... Vanian
Jean Reno ... Leccia
Robert Enrico

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Le grand bleu (1988)
Any serious Jean Reno fan has got to have seen this great film with him,Jean Marc Barr and Roseanna Aquette in. Jean plays Enzo Molinari,who is a very exceptional man,he can hold his breath underwater for a very long time and has been able to since he was a child,so can JMB.They have been friends all of their lives,but the Sea facinates them both abd so they are always in deep sea diving competitions competing with one another. There are some very funny bits in this film,mostly from Jean Reno and also some very bizarre and sad parts too. The wonderful music by Eric Serra is also a perk of this film.


Cast and Director
Rosanna Arquette .... Johana Baker
Jean-Marc Barr .... Jacques Mayhol
Jean Reno .... Enzo Molinari
Paul Shenar .... Dr. Laurence
Luc Besson.
Also written and made into a screenplay by Luc Besson.
Eric Serra

My Star rating:
Nikita * * *
L'homme au masque d'or
Zone rouge
Le grand bleu * * * * *