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Les visiteurs/The Visitors (1993)

This film is hilarious, even if you don't bother to read the sub-titles, you will still not be disappointed. Plus, this is a million times better than the rehashed film that was made for the American audiences. Although, Jeans, hairstyle in this, leaves a lot to be desired.
Jean, and his manservant (Christian Clavier) are mistakenly sent forwards in time by a wizard trying to make them go back in time by a few hours, to change events. Jean accidentally killed his soon to be father in law because of an hallucination given to him by drugged wine. There are laughs galore as, Jean, and his manservant smash hell out of a Citroen Dolly, fearing it is the Devils chariot, hey!, Citroen Dollys aren't that bad!. The two of them are always geting into scrapes and mishaps, and Jean just happens to find his great, great, great, great, etc, ancestor, who is the spitting image of his true love.
Hey, this has got to be good, I made my sister sit and watch it at 5 am one Saturday morning!
Cast and Director:
Christian Clavier ... Jacquouille, la fripouille, Jacquard
Jean Reno ... Godefroy de Montmirail
Valérie Lemercier ... Frénégonde /Beatrice
Marie-Anne Chazel ... Ginette
Christian Bujeau ... Jean-Pierre
Isabelle Nanty ... Fabienne Morlot
Gérard Séty ... Edgar Bernay
Pierre Vial ... The Wizard
Jean-Marie Poiré


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