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Wasabi (2001)

This film is magnificent, it is absolutely hilarious!. It's like 'Leon' and any comedy Jackie Chan film, all rolled into one, there are bodies, dead and alive, flying everywhere!.
The place is Paris, Hubert (Jean Reno) causes a major headache for his superiors each time he takes on a case, he is always so thorough and so brutal!. However, in one instance, he manages do put the Police cheifs son into hospital, the scene where he goes to apologise the the son is just so funny. Hubert is sent on compulsory vacation, at the same time, he gets a call from Tokyo and learns that Miko has died. Miko is the only woman he has ever loved in his life. It has been 19 years since he left Japan,s o he decides to go there with the memory of Miko in his heart and with finding out what has happened to his beloved?. He finds out that he is the executor of her will, and also, more surprisingly, the father of a daughter he knew nothing about.
There is plenty of adventure with Hubert, his old friend and secret policeman,Michel Muller, and his daughter. There is gunfights and very many knockabout scenes, plus a really hilarious one involving golf clubs with the Japaneze Mafia..... A game of golf will never seem the same again. 
Cast and Director:
Cast: Jean Reno ...
Hubert Fiorentini
Ryoko Hirosue ... Yumi Yoshimido
Michel Muller ... Maurice 'Momo'
Carole Bouquet ... Sofia
Gérard Krawzyck


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