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Par de la nuages. Aka... Beyond the clouds (1995)


Par dela nuages, aka, Beyond the clouds, is made up of 4 vignettes, (which is actually 5), which are adapted from, Antonioni's, 1983 book 'That Bowling Alley on the Tiber, Tales of a Director'. This is narrated all the way through by, John Malcovich.
This is quite a melancholy series of mini love story films within one. The first one is 'Story of a Love Affair That Never Existed'. This is a story of a relationship, Sastre and Rossi Stuart, that goes on for years without ever being consummated.
In the second story,'The Girl, the Crime', we find the narrator, John Malkovich, who actually finds himself drawn to a shopgirl, Marceau. She killed her own father by stabbing him 12 times.
The third story in this combines "The Wheel" about a man, Peter Weller, caught between his wife, Fanny Ardant, and his mistress, Caselli.
with "Don't Try To Find Me.". It all ends where it began, a relationship that can never be consummated.
Lastly, 'This Body of Filth', a phrase from the 'Life of St. Theresa'. A footloose young man, Perez, falls for a young lady, Jacobe, who is about to enter into a convent.
I have only ever watched this film once, Jeans, role was very small in it, and I can't remember which one of these stories that it was actually in?. But from what I remember.....Jean Reno, goes home one day to find that his wife has gone and has taken everything in the house, but his half of a photograph with her, what a bitch!. The place is even up for rent and he doesn't know a thing!. A woman who has broken up with her husband comes to look at the place, they start talking. Then, Jean, kind of tells her that they could get together, as they both need to mend their broken hearts. I think this is the 'Don't try and find me' one?....
Aw, how could any real woman do that to poor, Jean?!, I certainly couldn't.
Cast and Director:
John Malkovich ... Narrator/Director
Kim Rossi Stuart ... Silvano
Sophie Marceau ... Young Woman
Vincent Perez ... Niccolo
Jean Reno ... Carlo
Peter Weller ... Roberto
Fanny Ardant ... Patricia
Ines Sastre ... Carmen
Chiara Caselli ... Olga
Irene Jacob ... Young Woman
Marcello Mastroianni ... Painter
Jeanne Moreau ... Friend
Michelangelo Antonioni







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