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Mission Impossible (1996)

Although I don't like, Tom Cruise, the maIn character in this story, I just love this film!.
Set mostly in Prague, it's all about undercover C.I.A agents, who are on a mission to find a 'mole' in their ranks. Most of, Toms, agents get killed on this trip, and he is left to take the blame for it, so he enlists the help of a few more disavowed agents. But things are not as they seem. The best part is the 'team' breaking into the main C.I.A offices in Langley, America. The helicopter scene near the end is unbelievable, and I have to go into the loo so as not to see my man get it, as usual....
Cast and Director:
Tom Cruise ... Ethan Hunt
Jon Voight ... Jim Phelps
Emmanuelle Béart ... Claire
Henry Czerny ... Kittridge
Jean Reno ... Krieger
Ving Rhames ... Luther
Kristin Scott Thomas ... Sarah Davies
Vanessa Redgrave ... Max
Dale Dye ... Frank Barnes
Marcel Iures ... Golitsyn
Ion Caramitru ... Zozimov
Ingeborga Dapkunaite ... Hannah Williams
Valentina Yakunina ... Drunken female IMF agent
Marek Vasut ... Drunken male IMF agent
Nathan Osgood ... Kittridge technician
Emilio Estevez ... Jack
Brian De Palma


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