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Fly Boyz ~ 2006

Jean Reno and James Franco (Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2) star in this action packed film that is set during World War I. This is an independent film from 'Electric Entertainment', which has a healthy  budget of $60,000,000 to play with.
~ Plot ~
A bunch of American boys decide to go and help Europe out with the first world war, this is before America have actually decided to join in the war with Europe to defeat the Germans. The young men end up in France and joining up with the air combat force the 'Lafayette Escadrille'. Jean plays the older officer, who is the airmen's mentor and instructor, keeping the youngsters on the straight and narrow.

Cast & Crew:
Jean Reno ...
James Franco ...
David Ellison ...
Jennifer Decker ...
Martin Henderson ...
Tchéky Karyo ...
                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Director: Tony Bill
Producer: Dean Devlin &  Marc Frydman.
Script: David S Ward derives this script from an original by phil Sears & Blake Evans.

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