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Vernon, a 'lust' affair

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Vernon, is upto now, the sexiest man that I had ever known, or maybe he was just the man around when I was coming into my sexual prime as a woman, who knows?. He wasn't very tall, and he was quite chubby really, but he was also quite muscley. He had black curly hair, brown eyes, and a huge thick moustache. He looked like a cross between Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck. The first ever time I laid eyes on him, I just wanted him, it wasn't love at first sight, it was lust at first sight, I had never felt so sexually attracted to a man in my life!.
I was at home with a Kidney infection, and I knew that we were supposed to be having our bathroom lined, because it was bloody freezing in there. A knock came at the door, and there was these two blokes, dressed in white overalls. I wanted him there and then. Anyway, we would chatter and flirt inbetween him working and me making cups of Tea. When his mate went off to get some bits, Vernon told me that he had noticed me when he was working on the house next door, he had even said hello one evening, when I came home from work, I apologised, I honestly hadn't heard him. Him and his mate worked on the place for about 3 days, but that was enough time for me to jump into something that I shouldn't have done, but it was fun whilst it lasted. He was married, which, to be honest, I knew from the very start, but he was a flatterer, and I fell for it, probably because I wanted to I suppose?. The day that he was finishing our place, we made arrangements to meet that evening. I told, Pete that I was going to one of those ladies evenings, you know, like a Tupperware party.
So, the first time that I went to meet, Vernon, was in an empty house he was painting. I guess I felt kind of shy?, I was laughing at myself and saying that my tights were so dark, that they made my legs look like Packi legs. I wasn't there 5 minutes before we were kissing,his kisses drove me wild, I had never felt like this in my life before, I just felt so horny. I enjoy sex and never turn it down if I am in a relationship, I am certainly never one of those women that suffers with headaches and can soon be writhing in ecstasy at any given opportunity. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on and I was getting very wet, this was a feeling that, Pete, never made me feel. Very soon we were down on a groundsheet on the floor kissing, my dress was up over my head and my knickers were around my ankles. Vernon went straight down on me with his mouth, our hands holding each others whilst his face was between my legs, I'm surprised he didn't drown, I was so wet. Oh, he sure knew just what a woman wanted in that way. Then the inevitable happened, he was on top of me and inside me, he wasn't very well endowed down there, but for the first time in my life, I actually came whilst I was being fucked. I hope I didn't scare the neighbours?, I've never been very quiet at anything and especially when I am doing my favourite pastime. I writhed and I moaned and groaned for ages, I bet it made him feel very macho. I did tell, Vernon, that that was the first time I had ever come whilst someone was inside of me, wether he believed me or not?, well, that's upto him isn't it.
I used to see Vernon 2 or 3 times a week after that. I'd meet him a couple of times in the evening, I'd just say that I was going out to meet friends for a drink etc. Plus, my mum had moved further across town by this time, so I would spend a couple of hours at mums on a Saturday morning, and then I would catch the bus and go to meet Vernon on the Rye playing field. we'd go upto Keep Hill and spend the whole afternoon making love, he would make me come around 12 times in an afternoon, funny thing is, he used to do all of that to me, but he would never climax himself?. I would go home feeling tired and happy. One Saturday afternoon when I get home, Pete was laying in bed, he wanted me to get in too. I didn't really want to, I wanted to keep myself for,Vernon, only, but I had to keep up appearances, I knew only too well, what, Pete, was capable of. So I stripped off, suddenly, Pete, says, "You've got a bit of straw stuck in the middle of the cheeks of your arse". Quick thinking, as desperate times need desperate measures, I replied that it was probably from the washing, that I'd dropped some on the grass in the garden the other day. He seemed ok by that explanation, thank the good Lord.
One crap thing though, from this little episode in my life. I used to get covered in Mosquito/Gnat bites, all over my body, they used to itch like hell!. I used to get to work, and my friend, Carol, was the first aider. So she would be putting stuff on my bites, whilst I was relating my sexy adventures to her, we used to laugh a great deal over this. Most of the women where i worked, knew that I was having this wild affair with this guy, I was always too open about everything. Thankfully, Pete never found out, at least, I don't think he ever did?. One of our neighbours, called, Violet, tried to stir it once, by telling, pete, that I was seeing this bloke. Luckily though, Violet, had a long history of mental health, so it was my word against hers. Once, she saw,Vernon, coming out of our place, but I told, Pete, that the bloke that done our bathroom, had dropped in for a cup of tea, he was ok with that . I can quite honestly say this though, me and, Vernon, never once done it in, Petes place, I just wouldn't and couldn't do that. So, even though I was doing the dirty, I couldn't actually twist the final knife into him, even though he didn't know about it.

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