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This is the home page of me, Ellie, and I shall be using this site to tell you my lifestory so far. I'll tell you about the loves, likes and dislikes, and the honest, down to earth thoughts of a woman who has never had the chance to prove her true potential in life, with her many talents. The pages of mine that you are about to read will probably, shock you, thrill you, or make you run for cover!. I do warn you now, I am going to be totally up front and honest and at times a little explicit. Whatever?, enjoy the ride. enjoy the thrills, bear the pain, laugh at life and never look back....... Gawd, it sounds just like an advert for 'Trainspotting' doesn't it? hahaha...

P.S. I'm afraid that I won't be adding anything else to my website here as I am very busy writing a book, something that I've been wanting to do since I was 12 years old. Furthermore, after that book, I shall also be writing another one, which I have already researched into etc. If I can get my foot upon the publishing ladder and make myself a name with my writing, then I shall also be doing my autobiography in book form in full.

Thank you to anyone who has ever read and enjoyed my lifestory. I have always had lots of good feedback about it and have even made a few good friends because of it.

love Elodie Caroline


P.S. I have two very big passions in my life, one is to one day go and live in France, the land of my dreams, and the other?, there is a link directly underneath this, my very own JEAN RENO site!.......

My Jean Reno site

The gorgeous and sexy Jean Reno

Hi, My name is Eddie,and this is a webpage to show the world that a dumb blonde isn't as dumb as she looks, and it saves me writing a book doesn't it!hahaha. I will be having pages on here to show you the diverse and complex personality that I have. I shall have my own poetry on here, my life story and things that really interest me: like Jean Reno, the man of my dreams. Films, a very varied taste in music, and a great love of books. Anything that makes me tick really I suppose?. So I hope that you will enjoy your travels through my crazy world. I am 43 years old, I am only exactly 5 feet tall. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm am quite a bit overweight, but I think that I am fairly pretty and don't really look my age. So I am quite proud of my looks in most ways. I am always well presented, hair, make up, and clothes, are always taken with great care. I don't work because of ill health, I have Athritis of the neck, spine and wrists, so I spend a lot of my time on the internet. Most of my net time is spent on a site called 'Virtualtourist'. I get disenchanted with it sometimes, but do have some great friends from allover the world on there, we have some great laughs and some great discussions,s ometimes we even argue!, but it's all in a days net time and never anything malicious.

I like people to think that I am quite strong minded and a bit of a hardcase, I may be strong minded, and I won't let anyone get the better of me, but I am also very sensitive and easiy hurt by others deeds, or words. I get hurt when I think that people are doing me wrong, and if they make me feel neglacted. I usually attack with harsh words then to make it look like I don't care, when deep down inside, I am really crying. It seems that no one will ever really know the soft and sensitive, even romantic, woman, that lies underneath the hard exterior. My one biggest dream is to have the man of my dreams, Jean Reno, hey, we can all dream right?!, and to live in Framce, which I love with a passion. I have been learning the language of love, French, on and off for the last few years, trouble is, I get so easily distracted, and there just doesn't seem enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do. I am a Sagattarian, so that makes me a fire sign, and I can honestly say that I really match my birthsign in very many ways. I am warm, generous, headstrong, passionate and humourous. It doesn't matter how sad I feel on the inside, I will always laugh and joke with my family and friends. I think a lot of the time people don't really undestand me?... But do I understand myself?, yes, I always know why I have said or done something, but I usually think about this *after* I have said or done it. I am very good at self physchology. I am a happy go lucky person most of the time and very very optimistic, even an extrovert in very many ways, but I am also a very sensitive and emotional person underneath it all. I'm an excellent cook, no, I don't take after my English mothers cooking, I take after my Polish father on that count. I enjoy sewing when the body will let me?, it's usually machine sewing now, but I did used to be a really good and neat handsewer, my needlework teacher even told me this back in school. I am very artistic, but I prefer to use my talents at writing, rather than drawing or painting. I'm just a person that loves words. I like writing my own poetry, but never read others poems. I love reading Philosophy and am a very philosophical person, I mostly adhere to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, they are the nearest that I found when I was in my mid teens to how I think deep down inside. I laugh a lot at life and myself, but deep down I am a very deep and philisophical thinker, believe it or not?.

This is a painting that I done in around 1982. I found a small picture in a womans magazine that had been done by a Russian painter, so I decided to copy it myself in watercolour pencils. I have been able to draw ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I guess I have really wasted most of my life?, as I am luckily quite gifted in many things, including art, writing songs, poetry. I also like to think that I can sing?, but no one's yet had the guts to tell me I can't!hahaha. I am also well known for making people laugh. I was once told that: it's not *what* I say, it's the way that I say it, but this being a website,you'll never actually know will you? hahahaha....


Jean Reno, the French actor, is the man of my wildest dreams and fantasies. I absolutely love this man with such a passion. I'd always thought that people that went crazy over famous people were absolutely.....crazy! hahaha. But the very first time I saw, Jean, in the film 'Leon/The professional' in around 1995, I just fell in love with him. I actually feel that I *know* him, I know that sounds crazy, but I honestly believe that me and him knew each other in a past life. I don't really care if anyone believes this or not?, it's just how I really feel inside my own mind and soul... Once again, underneath here, is the link to my very own, Jean Reno, site.


Jean Reno by Edwinadolly

I really enjoy classical art, and, Monet, is by far my favourite painter.I love his work and his 3 'Waterlilies' paintings are by far the most beautiful in the world, especially 'Waterlilies 1908'. I am quite a cultured person in my own way, it's surprising really?,as I wasn't brought up in a cultured family, and yet I am quite partial to other cultures, Art, some Opera, Ballet, classical music and many other things that most working class people are not.


I love photography and take my camera wherever I go, most of my photos are usually taken through the car window. This photo was taken by me in the summer of 2002 going through Oxfordshire one sunny evening.


I'm afraid that I've had to remove my guestbook from here, as I am just totally pissed off with all of dickless wankers, and ugly old slappers, who probably all have grosse silicone tits anyway, putting their spam shit into it.
So if you have any comments for me about my site, then please feel free to drop me an e-mail ok... 

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