Edwinadolly - A life in Pink
Chapter 3


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Working and loving,love and betrayal....Cold hard facts of a life....

I left scool on the 31/5/77 and it was one of the best days of my life!!!.they say that your school years are the best,that's a load of crap!,they were my worst and I have never regretted leaving school once.
I got myself a job lined up at a local bedmaking factory as a sewing machinist,funny,I had always been afraid of the sewing machines in Needlework at school?.The first day I started,I felt too shy to go in,a girl called Teresa came walking up the yard and asked me if I was supposed to start there?,I told her yes,so she took me in with here and she was one of my friends all the time I was there. I quite enjoyed my job and at least I was doing something and getting paid for it.My first weeks wages was 20.00,I gave my mum 5.00 towards the bills and the rest was mine.I went and bought myself a gingery coloured short fur jacket,it cost me ten quid!hahaha.I made friends with a girl called Sue there,she was kind of funny in her own little way,she was a year older than me,but I always felt like I was her big sister.I used to protect Sue when her ex Pakistani boyfriend used to come following her around and bothering her.I used to go down Sues house sometimes too.It was funny when she got engaged to her next door neighbour Robert,I sat in the front room with her brothers and their mates watching the wrestling on TV instead of joining in with the party.
A bit later on,I made friends with a girl called Linda there,she was quite a few years older than me and she was in love with one of the blokes that worked in the next room,his name was Dave and she used to follow him around like a little puppy.I don't know if anything ever happened between the two of them?,she said it did,but I don't know?.Me and Linda used to go out for the odd drink or ride around in her car,but I think that she used to ride around and look for Dave more than anything else,oh,she was also an avid fan of Elvis Presley,not my cup of tea,but everyone to their own eh?. This Dave used to always 'psst' me as I went by and he always used to say hello sexy to me,I just used to ignore him,he was very good looking and all that,but I only had eyes for Andy....

Before anything ever hasppned with Andy though,I somehow got to go out with a bloke called Jim.I knew Jim from going to the local Wimpey bar,he was the head chef there.I wnt out with him,thinking that he was Italian,actually,he was Turkish.When I think of it now,he used to treat me really nice,but I didn't treat him very nice in return.At nearly 17,looks are important to you,and I didn't think that Jim was nice looking,it seemed to pass me by that he treated me nice.I was just afraid someone that knew me,might see me with this not very nice looking man?.How awful is that eh?.I wish I could meet up with him now and apologise for being so silly when I was younger.I never went to bed or anything with Jim,he used to ask me though,and I always said no.I didn't fancy him at all,I just used to go to the nightclub Tuesdays with him on Friday and Saturday nights.Sometimes,I even used to get my sister to go and tell him some excuse for me not to see him that night.In the end,I just stopped going into the Wimpey bar,just so that I could avoid him....Sorry Jim,I treated you really mean.

I loved going to work,it was so much nicer than school and you got paid for it at the end of the week!hahaha.When I was working at this place is when I met my first 'real' boyfriend,he worked there to,in the room just ouside of where I worked.His name was Andrew,he was half Irish and half Romany Gypsy,he was 27 and looked the spitting image of Clark Gable,except that Andrew had longer hair.He was always laughing and joking about,he used to hide and throw things from behind his machine at me and call out my name in a very high pitched voice,of course,being young and naive,I took it all in,I was also very shy with a lot of people.
I had been working there for a few months and I went to the nightclub called 'Tuesdays' one Friday night,I went with this girl whom I had known for years called Denise,she was a couple of years older than me.I was walking across the dance floor and suddenly in front of me was Andy,we both looked agog and said at the same time "oh no!,not you!" and burst out laughing.Andy ended up walking me home and we arranged to meet the next night at the local pub,'The morning star',but,silly me,I didn't realise he meant inside,so I waited outside for about an hour and then walked home crying my eyes out.On the Monday morning I saw him and just stuck two fingers up at him hahaha,I suppose I should have left it like that eh?.
My brother Paul decided to take me to the pub with him a few weeks later,yes,The morning star,me and him got chatting to Andy,I then realised my mistake,so me,Paul,Andy and another bloke called Paul went out on a pub crawl in Andys beat up old car.I ended up seeing Andy off and on for a year and a half,trouble is,on the nights that he wasn't seeing me,he was seeing other girls!,but I was too stupid to realise that,even his own friends tried to warn me,but I wouldn't listen to them,I felt that I really loved Andy at that time.We used to go pubbing in the Star,and we used to go to a nightclub called the 7.50,I just always wanted to be with Andy,everyone knew how I feltabout him,I never tried to hide it...
Then Sharon came to work at our place,she was full of herself,not like me.She had great big boobs and used to flaunt them all over the place,basically she was a tart,I'm not being bitchy here,but she wasn't even pretty!,her black eyeliner always looked like it was just scrubbed round in a wide circle,she looked like Uncle Festus from the Adams family hahaha.Me and her used to go out together,she would always be throwing herself at some bloke,she was even after Dave,who Linda was in love with.I just wanted Andy,but he wanted her!,oh,story of my life just starting here.
So this night,up the 7.50,she got off with him,I went home broken hearted.On the Monday she packed in her job and buggered off,she knew that everyone in the factory knew how I felt about Andy and I don't think she would have been left with many friends?,she had already shown her metal when she skived off one day,she'd told the ladies that her mother had had a heart attack!.One of the ladies had seen Sharons mum down the town that day,so they thought she was a wicked little bitch for that.Andy came crawling back to me,of course,silly,soft me took him back,my mum had just been kicked out by my dad for having an affair with one of her many in our lives.
I met up with Andy on the Saturday night,we went out clubbing and then back to mine,you can guess what happened?,talk about take advantage of the situation,but you don't see it like that at the time do you?.Anyway,when he'd finished,I thought to myself 'god,is that it,I could do better myself!'.Even though I had been pure up until then,quite a novelty fo a girl to be 17 and a half before she got shagged!,I had to laugh though,it was my first time and it was 18/6/78 fathers day1 hahahaha,quite apt don't you think?.It's funny,I had always been a sexual kind of person,ever since I could remember and you'd think that your very first time would be made special wouldn't you?,this certainly wasn't,I'm glad it didn't put me off for life though.
Well this all went on for a couple of months more,he was still seeing me and Sharon,then he decided that he only wanted her.Still,he eventually got paid back,she took him for everything she could and then dumped him.In the meanwhile,I hadn't come on for a couple of months,I went to the Doctors thinking I was pregnant?,he said I wasn't,but a few weeks later,I lost this kind of lump,it looked like a lump of skin all covered in blood,I still say to this day that I'd had a miscarriage.
At this time,we had a Scots girl working with us called Tina,she had made friends with Sharon and used to go running back to her and telling her what I was talking about at work,like me thinking I was  pregnant.Sharon and her ugly friend Eileen,who had joined her in Wycombe from Wiltshire,came upto me whilst I was talking to Sherry,another of Andys conquests.Sharon started shouting at me about leave Andy alone,he was hers?!!,and I couldn't be pregnant as he had never touched me?.Because she had her big ugly friend there,she thought she was really tough,and hit me around the head.I just looked at her and glared,she sort of looked a little frightened,turned heels and scarpered off down the road.That's the last I ever saw of her for years too?...
Anyway,Tina soon found out what kind of slapper Sharon really was and started getting friendly with me,I also had known Tinas boyfriend for a couple of years from the Polish club,so they started coming around my house and made friends with my dad and the rest of my family.With Tina going for an interview at another place and me accompanying her,I left my job for another with her,as I didn't want to set eyes on Andy anymore,and the woman interviewing Tina,asked me if I wanted a job too?.

Me & Mel - Cowboys 1978

A lapse of reason....
I was so in love with Andy,but sometimes we do strange things,so that we can try and put the real stuff to the backs of our minds I suppose?.I can't really remember why and when I done this?,but it was before Sharon came along though...Where my mum had been kicked out by my dad,for around 6 months I wouldn't go and see her,I did miss her,but I felt that she had let our family down,she had betrayed us all.I even felt sorry for my dad,I used to hear him late at night in his bedroom,when he had come home from the Polish club,I could hear him crying and it broke my heart to hear a strong grown man cry over a woman.

The pic up above is of me and my sister Mel,we used to have some real good laughs when we were in our teens,we were always at the Cinema or down the town or pub together.In this pic,me and Mel were pissing about in the photo booth in Woolworths,we had a phase where would would dress up as cowboys!hahaha,don't ask me why,I just had a thing about cowboys,western films and Country and Western music,funny really,Dolly Parton was around then in the 1070s,but it wasn't until the 1980s that I got the nickname of Dolly Parton,I guess that bleaching my hair blonde,keeping it 'big' and me only being five feet tall might have something to do with it? hahaha.

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