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Jean Reno, the great star of such films as Leon, aka The Professional, The Big Blue, Roseanna's Grave, Les Visiteurs, Ronin, Nikita, Les Rivieres Pourpres, French Kiss, Wasabe, Godzilla and Mission Impossible.
Now, what can I say about this superb and wonderful French actor?, well, quite a lot really. I've never been a one for daydreaming about anyone famous, until 1996, when I first laid on on the one and only Jean Reno. There was instantly, for me, just something so charismatic about this wonderful man. He is handsome, he is very sexy, and he has the most amazingly deep voice that a woman just couldn't say no to, well, I couldn't anyway hehehe. So I shall be writing this from a very grown up woman's sincere and personal point of view.
So, this fan site, Jean Reno by Edwinadolly, will be a fan site with a bit of a difference to all the others on the net. This will be written with passion, with sentiment, and with a great deal of love and much admiration on my mind. But I shall also be writing this in a very open and honest point of view, with sometimes, a critical look at the films and some of the parts that Jean has got to play in his long film career that has spanned nearly 30 years now.

Although Jean Reno has rightfully made it to Hollywood with his acting abilities, I personally don't think that the film makers in Hollywood appreciate Jean and his acting all that much. They always seem to typecast him as a baddie, or put him in silly film parts, where he would be much more suited to the main role. I personally think that is just because they only see him as a 'French' actor?.

Some Hollywood films that he made and was great in, was: Roseanna's grave, Ronin and Godzilla. Godzilla would have been absolute crap without Jean, I certainly wouldn't have watched it if he hadn't of been in it. The absolute best American film with him in though is 'Ronin', this is my absolute favourite of his many films, and they actually done him justice in that one. I just adore him in 'Roseanna's grave', this makes his acting ability shine through a millionfold. I think he should have more roles like, Marcello.

Actually, I would love to see Jean playing the part of a Mexican bandit, remember the old Spaghetti westerns like 'The good,the bad and the ugly'?, something like that would suit Jean fantastically. Me and another Jean Reno fan I know, think that he should stick to our European films though, they treat, Jean, with the great admiration and respect that he so rightfully deserves.
Although I am by no means fluent in French, I can read and understand enough of it to translate all of Jeans french films into the English language. This site is always being freshly updated..... Enjoy.

P.S. Jean Reno has given me the inspiration to actually sit down and do something that I have wanted to do since I was 12 years old. I am sitting down and writing books.
He gives me the inspiration, because I am writing the kind of stories that I would personally like to see him play in films. So I'm afraid that this site won't be updated as often as I'd like it to, well, it's not like it even shows up on searches for Jean Reno anyway, and yet I know that this is/was, the very best Jean Reno site on the net!.
Plus, I'm afraid that you now have adverts to contend with, when rubbish sites like theworldofjeanreno, which hasn't been updated since 2001, can always come out as number one on the net searches, and mine comes nowhere, then it makes me lose heart in doing it. Also, I shall be doing another site about Jean Reno of my very own, from within my own PC and then uploading it onto the net anyway, when I do, this site will be deleted by me.
I've spent too much time and money on here in the past, and even though I am not naturally competitive, I get rather irritated that other Jean Reno sites head the top of seaches and mine come nowhere.
But thank you to everyone whom has ever read this site and enjoyed it, I have enjoyed doing it, but now I really need to do something for myself. Hey, with any luck, you might see one of my books as a film, with the beautiful Jean Reno actually starring in it! .....
Thank you for all of your support ... love Edwinadolly ...The Webmistress of this site.

Real name .......... Juan Moreno

Occupation ........... Actor

Birthday .......... July 30, 1948

Birth Sign .......... Leo  (firesign)

Chinese Sign .......... Rat  (element: Earth)

Birthplace .......... Casablanca, Morocco

Height .......... 6'3½

To get in touch with Jean Reno: Try either of these two addresses....
Jean Réno c/o CBC
11 rue de la Croix-Boissée,
91540 Mennecy,
Jean Réno chez Les Films duDauphin,
25 rue Yves-Toudic,
75010 Paris,


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